About Us

The idea for Gwen’s Eden was conceived from a passion to create functional as well as stylish and affordable children’s products. As sisters, Candace and Melissa began this endeavor by fostering the need to have a creative outlet. Melissa, a recent graduate of the UNT School of Fashion Design and Candace, technical developer and project manager for the past 12 years wanted to serve customers with something unique, beautiful, and affordable. We know discerning parents want only the best for their little kiddos and how important it is to have something different from the mainstream. Here you will find just that with a focus on details created by hand by people who love what they do.

Candace, Co-owner & Project Implementer

Candace is a full-time Mom, Project Manager, and all around Go-Getter. My sister can never sit still. Literally. If she’s not attending to her family, she working at something always striving to improve the process. Her motto – making the world a better place one dress at a time. I love working with her because she can take my ideas and concepts and map out a plan to make them a reality.

Melissa, Co-owner & Creative Designer

Melissa has always been the artist of the family. She has that creative flair with a funky twist that that I love so much. Ever since I can remember she has loved playing with clothes! She has really found her calling working with children’s clothing because she can use so many of the fun and lively colors that she enjoys working with so much.

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